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Transforming visionary
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Investment & Participation

We empower sustainable startups & companies, employing our Value for Equity Model. Beyond mere funding, we offer deep expertise and dedicated time to foster the sustainable growth of our investments. Our focus:  education, healthcare and the social economy, prioritizing digital & impactful business models. Our goal is to forge enduring value in collaboration with visionary entrepreneurs committed to making a significant positive impact alongside profitability.

Operational E-Consulting

Operational E-Consulting

With 27 years of experience and a comprehensive entrepreneurial approach, we specialize in the holistic development of companies, going beyond mere operational enhancements. Our E-Consulting services cover a wide range of areas including accounting, business development, digital innovation, organizational development and venture building. We offer more than advice; we're committed to hands-on implementation. Our focus is on devising sustainable and impactful strategies aimed at securing long-term profitability for your business.

Venture Development

Venture Building

We blend lean startup methodologies with 27 years of entrepreneurial expertise to transform your ideas into successful ventures. Together, we'll journey from concept to completion, turning ambitious plans into tangible successes. If you have a visionary idea and are seeking a partnership to bring it to life, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We're keen on participating in collaborative ventures that align with our focus areas. 

Investments & Participations

Investments & Participations


Co-founder & majority shareholder since 2016. Business purpose: Supporting impact startups and established social enterprises in the development & scaling of innovative business models with impact.

tremaze GmbH

Early-stage investment & minority shareholder via the BEEMING GROUP since 2018. Tremaze develops the technical standard for digital communication in social work in Germany.

Projects and Ventures

Current Projects &  Ventures


Development of a business model for a company in Germany that helps to use artificial intelligence sustainably, profitably and responsibly in the social economy. For more humanity & participation.




Improving E-Healtcare in the Canary Islands by developing a videoconsultation platform and a cooperative with local practitioners.

Does your project/venture idea fit into our focus? Do you want to create sustainable values with us that last? Then we would like to know more about your venture/project idea.

Your Idea?

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