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Schneiders Ventures

Empowering Generation Z through
entrepreneurial education.

Generation Z revolutionizes business: The Economy Changer Program paves the way for sustainable and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Generation Z, characterized by their skepticism towards traditional political and corporate structures, seeks to forge their path. Recognizing that conventional leaders might fall short in addressing current global challenges, these young individuals are turning towards entrepreneurship as a means of effecting change. They believe in harnessing their capabilities, particularly through initiating student or junior companies, to make a tangible impact on society.


The Economy Changer program champions this vision by fostering entrepreneurial spirits among youth. It facilitates the creation of student-run enterprises focusing on social business, addressing the intrinsic needs of self-fulfillment and efficacy among Generation Z. This approach not only empowers them but also lays the foundation for future economic systems that are more inclusive and sustainable.

The program's structure is methodical and comprehensive, involving several phases:

  1. Idea Generation: This initial phase combines in-person and digital interactions to help young entrepreneurs shape their ideas into basic business models.

  2. Development: Utilizing a series of workshops and webinars, the program guides participants to refine their business ideas, culminating in a presentation to a panel of judges.

  3. Incubation: Here, deeper insights into business planning, market positioning, sustainability, and impact are provided. Through this phase, the ideas evolve into Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) with the support of both internal and external coaches.

  4. Validation and Launch: The penultimate phase involves market testing of the MVP, followed by considerations for its full implementation or company establishment.

Integral to this journey is the continuous support and mentorship provided by the program, ensuring that these young entrepreneurs are not only creating businesses but are also integrated into the wider economic landscape.

This initiative reflects a broader movement towards valuing self-efficacy and sustainability in business, essential for the current and future generations. By creating spaces for learning and entrepreneurial experimentation today, Generation Z is equipped to contribute significantly to the evolution of our economic systems.

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